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Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm PST
not too concerned. >> the city of napa is invested extensively in flood protection improvements expected to keep river inside its banks within city limits. >>> the storm is a concern in the sierra as well. forecasters say the truckee river there could reach flood stage by tomorrow night putting the riverside homes at risk. the weather channel's chris warren has the latest from truckee. >> reporter: diane, i'm standing along the truckee river here. and it's expected not only to go to flood stage, expected to go to major flood stage by tomorrow. snow levels are going to be very high. we're talking about 3 to 4,000 feet higher than where i am right now. so what that means is that all the precipitation falling will be falling as rain. that's a problem because this time of year usually you have the snow falling and the snow stays in the mountains. it stays in the hills. instead of the rain we'll be draining down all the local streams, all the local creeks into the truckee river here. and along the way, it will bring with it some of that snow that is already falling. so you're going t
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
company that handles the city's ambulance -- >> basically that they had an employee who had fraudulently and illegally access patient information of customers that we had transported here in berkeley. >> reporter: a spokesperson for intermedics, a florida-based company owned by advanced data processing, says the information may have been given to a florida crime ring, known for using stolen information to file fake tax returns. >> it could be personal information such as name, social security number and date of birth and file fraudulent tax returns with an attempt it to get a refund. >> reporter: the company has sent out warning letters to 931 people in the bay area. they're urging patients to monitor their bank accounts and credit cards and to contact the irs. >> your taxes are all things? credit card information? just your personal information leaking out, period, it's a violation. >> reporter: lisa elle yus just got discharged from the hospital. she didn't need an ambulance, but she said those who do shouldn't be slapped with a worry like this. >> i think it's absolutely horrible to t
Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
, still, today, a bob, like, for a woman in new york city, is almost like, she's more powerful, she's more sleek, she's fashion forward, she's sophisticated. - their full-bodied, ultra glam, hot-rolled curls sparked a revolution. - because of these shows, like "the bionic woman" and "charlie's angels," i knew how to use curlers, every kind of them. the foam curlers, the ones you plug in and they wrap around, the velcro rollers. i knew how to use all of those by fifth grade. - speaking of angels, on "highway to heaven," michael landon played one. - my pleasure! - he was on a mission from god, and with his trusted sidekick, traveled from town to town to help the lost find their way back to the "highway to heaven." so, naturally, he needed a hair halo. - now, michael landon had what i would call, like, a sex helmet. like, i would liken his hair to that, 'cause it's like, it didn't-didn't really move. it was just, there was so much hair, you know? it was like 90% of his whole body was hair, right? - you can't talk tv hair without a nod, or a bark... [barks] to lassie. the courageous colli
Dec 17, 2012 6:00pm PST
city of newport beach from 1969. oded's hobby is also the namesake of his sonoma county winery, longboard vineyards.on all of my labels i tell people spend more time with surfing with friends and family and less time reading the back copy of wine labels. people have bought the wine just because of the label because "oh my dad was a surfer" or "my partner surfs" and then they tasted the wine and they said "wow, you know we didn't expect it, it's a great wine too."the vineyard here, he calls "dakine".dakine of course being a hawaiian word which could almost mean anything you want but i use it in the sense of the this barn that oded also restored, another surfing- related item. ready to see my little baby? sure. five years of sanding and varnishing.oh look at that woodie.oded is renovating this classic surfer car.this is a real 19-51 ford woodie wagon. it's a labor of love. it's almost done, restored. the outside is done, the engine is done. i've still gotta finish the interior but uh that is uh. got your name on my name on it. now it's my turn to be stoked, when od
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)